Public Selfies!

(under construction)

This is a place to post photos of your accomplishments, defeats, your ugliness or beauty, your highs and lows, milestones and goals.

Show us your successes or failures, your sorrow or joy: that new thing or that old thing.

Show your scars or bruises, your healing or recovery

A picture is worth a thousand words: let your selfie show it!

What this is not:
This is not a place to post ridiculous or "just messing around" photos.

We do not provide counseling or advice.  If you need help, this is not the place to seek it.

We are just getting up and running.  Photos will be posted once we are fully on line.

In the meantime: please feel free to submit your selfies with the fewest words possible to accompany them.


We won't post every photo.  We will only post those we feel are most representative of our site.

Thank you.,